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Providing union made Bibles for over 40 years

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Union Made with Pride in the USA!

International Bible, Solidarity Publications and Remembrance bible have been in business for over 40 years, supplying thousands of Bibles to churches, member organizations, funeral homes, nursing homes, and so many more!

We are located just outside Washington, DC, and ship all over the US, Canada, and the United Kingdom.
Some of Our Customers:
- American Legions
- Churches
- DAV's
- Funeral Homes
- Labor Unions
- VFW's

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"Thanks for the fast service. Bibles ordered last week have arrived today."
- Susan, Kentucky

Cedar Case
 Remembrance Edition 
 MLK Edition
We are very proud of our Bibles.  Please click an image to obtain more information.

Green Case
Psalms Case
Union made Bibles in cedar cases
Union made Bibles for every budget
Union made Bibles with cases
from $21.95 to $34.95

(800) 622-4253

Email: remembrancebible@gmail.com